GreenChair Makes Digital Collectibles Fun


Misfit Mermaids

Misfit Mermaids Example Images

10,000 super friendly, pixel-perfect mermaids that like to wave hello.

Minting on the Polygon Blockchain soon.


GreenChair + Polygon Blockchain

GreenChair's digital collectibles (NFTs) are made using the Polygon blockchain, a carbon neutral layer 2 blockchain.

A polygon Transaction uses a fraction of the energy used by an LED lightbulb. Below are the Watt Hours that a Polygon transaction and an LED lightbulb consumes.

  • A single Polygon Transaction requires 0.000167Wh of electricity.1.

  • A 9Watt LED lightbulb uses 0.025Wh for one second of use. 2.

Ethereum + Polygon Blockchain

Polygon Relies on Ethereum for it's security layer.

While Polygon transactions use a very small amount of electricity, it does rely on Ethereum for it's security layer. Now that Ethereum is a Proof of Stake blockchain, it uses 99% less energy than it did when it was a Proof of Work blockchain.

Unfortunately, the exact energy usage of a Polygon transaction, including it's interaction with Ethereum is not currently available. The unknown element is just how many Polygon transactions are bundled into a single Ethereum TransactionWith that said, the energy usage of a single Ethereum transaction is known to be 40Wh.3. A single Polygon transaction would use a fraction of that energy. The exact amount of energy is unknown to the GreenChair research team at the time of writing.

1. Source: Carbon-Ratings Polygon Report, page three.
2. Source: One 9Watt LED Bulb = 9Wh (for 1 hour of use). 9Wh divided by 60 = 0.15Wh (for 1 minute of use). 0.15 divided by 60 = 0.0025Wh (for one second of use).


GreenChair is a cautiously whispered dream that makes collectible NFTs.

A naturally elusive being, GreenChair remains unseen to many. The NFTs that appear periodically, seemingly out of thin air are the only proof GreenChair exists.Keep a close eye on Twitter to catch the rare moments when GreenChair braves the merciless contact sport often referred to as social media.